October 26, 2023

Boston Shoe Closet

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Kemba Walker has a passion for shoes that continues to grow. For this reason, he needed a shoe closet that would store as many pairs as possible while still allowing space for future shoes. We designed five different versions of the closet before going into production to ensure we had adequately maximized the space. We finally settled on double-sided rows to allow for plenty of room.

We utilized the adjoining bedroom for the space, connecting it to the primary bedroom with a paneled door. We also brought in the luxurious piled carpet from the primary bedroom, creating a seamless transition. The closets have a custom wood exterior with glass shelves, as well as powder-coated metal doors with glass fronts. This allows Kemba to view the shoes while also making sure they stayed protected. When the doors open, integrated lighting highlights the pairs.

The result was truly a shoe-lover’s dream, with a high-end, boutique vibe.

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